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Asia and Africa Research & Consulting Investment (AAI)

Globalization is inevitable. So, Japan cannot hope for steady growth just by building a domestic business, and we are making every effort to find out what we can do as a venture company. With many years of overseas business experience, network, and connections in Bangladesh and Indonesia; we have been able to make direct appointments with the main executives of economic organizations, the ministers, and senior officials of each country's government as well as lobbying activities. Through this exchange, it has become possible to attend meetings such as discussion meetings with the ambassadors of the Japanese embassies in each country. We are currently engaged in lobbying activities through our own business so that we can build an all-Japan system for the Japanese companies, mainly the infrastructure business of each country in the future.

Do you need a helping hand?

Recently, under the guidance of the Japanese government, the overseas expansion of SMEs has been spurred. Although it seems like they are focusing on various overseas measures such as investments and subsidiaries, the experience of SMEs in the field needs to be considered. We have seen many realities, which include large amount of debts is incurred just by entering the new site, making mistakes in choosing partners, and how the business is raised. Amidst all of these, we are here as a Japanese company to help you gain success in overseas business.

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Our greatest strength is to connect local partners and companies that have entered the market, and we have a network of contacts both in Japan and overseas based on past achievements. Based on our experience, we will do our utmost to provide an environment where small and medium-sized enterprises that are going to enter the market can achieve success in the practical part rather than failing with the same hardship.

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