Biomass Boiler

The Ultimate Energy


Introduction Of Biomass Boiler

A-Wing Taguchi Co. Ltd. (ATC) is importing Biomass Boiler from Japan with the Joint Venture of Icross Corporation. Icross Corporation is one of the leading manufacturers and sellers of highly efficient and environment friendly compact solid fuel boilers that uses a combustion chamber and patented proprietary combustion system.
Icross provide two types of Boiler (i) Steam Boiler and (ii) Hot-Water Boiler.
Steam Boiler: It produces STEAM that used for heating, drying, power generation, etc.
Hot-Water Boiler: It produces HOT-WATER that used for warming, hot-water supply, washing, etc.

Mechanism of Biomass Boiler

Biomass boiler integrates modern technology to develop automatic systems that manage the process from emissions and air control to ash removal. With the modernization of steam boilers came hundreds of varieties, sizes and manufacturers, each one presenting new design, cutting-edge technology, and a preview of what is yet to come.

Feature of Biomass Boiler

  1. Biomass Boiler not only uses wood chips and wood pellets but also uses plastic-based high-calorie fuel.
  2. Combustion test is possible with the existing testing equipment of the company.
  3. Flexible responded to new fuel.
  4. Comparatively cheap by its cost and environment friendly.
  5. Energy efficient up to 40% in compare with others Boiler.

Steam Boiler

Hot-Water Boiler